Enum or struct?

I often see a pattern where there is an enum with a bunch of computed properties that return a different value for each case. In the rest of the code base then only those properties are used. Something like this:

enum Style {
    case headline
    case bodyText
    case emphasis
    var isBold: Boolean {
        switch self {
            case .headLine, .emphasis: return true
            case .bodyText: return false
    var fontSize: CGFloat {
        switch self {
            case .headline: return 20
            case .bodyText, .emphasis: return 16
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This works, but quite often can be improved by using a struct instead of an enum. Define a struct which contains all your computed properties as stored properties and the define a global constant of this for each enum case:

struct Style {
    var isBold: Bool
    var fontSize: CGFloat
    static let headline = Style(isBold: true, fontSize: 20)
    static let bodyText = Style(isBold: false, fontSize: 16)
    static let emphasis = Style(isBold: true, fontSize: 16)
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This requires less code, it is easier to see and change the values for each case and you can add more cases without having to change the source code of the enum definition.

This doesn’t work in every case though. Better stick to an enum if the identity of the cases is important, for example for control flow. Another issue is (JSON) decoding – the struct would require all the properties in the data.